Atomic Force Microscopes for Life Science

Atomic Force Microscopy for Life Sciences E-Book

An introductory e-book on the life science research capabilities of atomic force microscopy

This thirty page introductory e-book provides a comprehensive guide to to the life science research capabilities of atomic force microscopy (AFM). It explains the workings of a typical AFM instrument, including modes, and outlines some of the challenges involved in studying biological materials. It also explores some of the latest developments and advances in AFM technology and applications and includes several case studies detailing how life science researchers are using AFM in their work.


Readers can expect to:

  • Learn how a typical AFM instrument works -- including the role of the tip, cantilever and photodetector -- as well as the workings of its primary imaging modes and some significant secondary modes.
  • Understand the unique advantages of AFM that make it an important life sciences research tool.
  • Gain new insight into the common challenges of studying biological samples with AFM and gain practical knowledge regarding biological sample preparation and probe selection.
  • See how AFM is being combined with advanced forms of light microscopy to specifically target biological applications.

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