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Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) combining JPK NanoWizard® AFM with a Raman System

Learn about the instrumentation and configuration of a combined AFM and TERS setup.

Atomic Force Microscopy; AFM; NanoWizard, Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering; TERS; TAO module; Optical Integration

The combination of Raman spectroscopy with AFM empowers the correlation of the information gathered by both techniques simultaneously. Conventional Raman spectroscopy with AFM enables the acquisition of chemical information in conjunction with the surface topography. To perform analysis with highest spatial resolution in the nanometer range, TERS integrates the Raman-enhancing benefits of the SERS-effect and the accuracy of the closed loop positioning of Bruker's JPK NanoWizard AFM.

With this easy-to-operate setup, users can achieve hassle free high spatial resolution Raman information. By the modular and flexible design of the Bruker setup, it is easy to upgrade any existing Raman spectrometer. Implementing automated communication, a user-friendly data acquisition is enabled, bringing the sensitivity and spatial resolution of Raman measurement to a next generation level.

Readers can expect to learn about:

  • How Bruker's dedicated design criteria and accessories of the NanoWizard AFM such as the TAO module enable the perfect combination of TERS and AFM;
  • Instrumentation and detailed steps of the system configuration, including application examples outlining the seamless integration of the NanoWizard AFM into commercially available Raman spectroscopes; and
  • The benefits and the potential of the NanoWizard AFM when combined with an inverted Raman microscope for simultaneous investigations of  topographical and chemical sample properties;