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Stringent Quality Control and Characterization Under Full Automation

While the number of Biobanks worldwide is growing rapidly, quality control of the whole process Is a requirement to ensure the value of the biobanks. Standardization is needed to allow researchers to integrate results obtained of specimen tests from 1 or more biobanks. Standardization also includes the QC Process, which needs to cover all aspects of pre-analytics and sample storage. In addition validation of specimen/donor metaparameters is of additional value.

NMR is especially suited to perform QC-analysis of liquid biopsies and can deliver a large number of criteria based on one QC measurement per sample. In addition to QC Information NMR can deliver a large number of metabolic information using the same spectra generated during the QC process. With this information in urine 150 metabolites in 2 age ranges are quantified. In plasma/serum 115 lipoprotein related parameters (including subclasses) and 26 metabolites/parameters are analyzed and quantified, the whole process is under push button automation and can be handled by a trained medical technical assistant.

In addition to quality control, biobanks can now support epidemiological studies or clinical trials by using the metadata of selected NMR spectra or quantification results. This will reduce the need for new aliquots and substantially reducing the cost of clinical trials or research studies. Further savings can be gained by sharing the spectral data. New NMR-based diagnostic tests can be validated on a worldwide basis and on multiple phenotypes without exploding the cost of the trial. Data generated from an 11 IVDr platform Inter-Laboratory Trial proves this unique benefit of NMR1.  

  • Delivers comprehensive number of quality parameters starting from pre-analytics to degradation state , check for fasting conditions or unreported drugs
  • „Retrospective analysis of previouslyrecorded data
  • Standardized and transferable procedure
  • Worldwide exchangeability of NMR data among biobanks
  • Extensive quantification procedures can be run with the stored spectra without any new measurement, delivering:–„150 compound quantification in urine–„> 150 parameters in plasma/serum on lipoprotein subclass analysis and small molecule quantification.


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