Honey Profiling FAQ

What happens with a honey that was compliant according to NMR Honey-Profiling 2.0, but that is now detected as adulterated with the new version 3.0 ?
The version 3.0 of Honey-Profiling has been introduced on July 12th and replaces the prior version 2.0. Thanks to the much larger database of authentic and adulterated samples, the new version 3.0 enables to uncover more adulterations than before.

For this reason, it could happen that batches that had been previously validated by Honey-Profiling 2.0, would be detected as adulterated with version 3.0. We do recommend to honey packers to perform a risk assessment for their products on stock. In case of dispute between buyers and sellers, Bruker could reprocess a sample with the prior version on demand.