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Avance – The NMR All-Star

300 – 1200 MHz
Magnets, electronics and probes are available from 300 to 1200 MHz, catering to research needs ranging from routine analyses to complex biomolecular studies and advanced structural elucidation.
Exceptional performance through Bruker's relentless pursuit of perfection and unwavering dedication to quality.
Ideally suited for all facets of NMR, including solution-state and solid-state NMR, as well as micro-imaging. All thanks to an extensive range of probes and accessories.


Bruker’s Avance NMR spectrometers are utilized in various scientific fields to elucidate the structure, dynamics, and interactions of molecules. Avance spectrometers are composed of three main hardware components:

  • A console, which is the central control unit of the NMR spectrometer, and houses sophisticated electronics for the generation of the pulse sequences and for data acquisition and processing.
  • A superconducting magnet to generate a homogenous and stable magnetic field to polarize the nuclear spins in the sample.
  • A probe for transmitting radiofrequency pulses and detecting the resulting signals from the sample.

An example for a typical NMR spectrometer with a 800 MHz NMR magnet and a cryogenically cooled probe is shown in Figure 1.

Bruker's NMR hardware is seamlessly complemented by state-of-the-art NMR software, creating a comprehensive and powerful platform for advanced spectroscopic analysis. Our software offering covers the acquisition, processing, analysis, interpretation, and visualization of NMR data and is designed to maximize the potential of the Avance hardware, enhancing functionality and ease of use.

Figure 1: A complete Avance 800 MHz NMR spectrometer, consisting of a 800 MHz Ascend magnet, an Avance Neo console, a Bruker CryoProbe, and a SampleCase sample changer.



Bruker offers an array of accessories designed to enhance the capabilities and versatility of Avance NMR spectrometers. These additions not only improve the capabilities of the NMR system but also contribute to enhancing the productivity of Avance NMR spectrometers.

BCU for Sample Temperature Control

The BCU-1 and BCU-2 are refrigeration units which provide chilled gas for sample temperature control. These accessories ensure stable and accurate sample temperature regulation during NMR experiments, allowing researchers to perform experiments at specific temperatures, essential for studying reactions, phase transitions, and molecular dynamics.

CryoPlatform for Cooling CryoProbes

The CryoPlatform is an accessory designed to cool CryoProbes used in ultra-sensitive NMR experiments to a temperature of approximately 10 K. By maintaining the CryoProbe at extremely low temperatures, thermal noise is minimized, enhancing sensitivity and the signal-to-noise ratio.

The CryoPlatform is available with a special option, called the BSNL (Bruker Smart Nitrogen Liquefier), which uses excess cooling power for the reliquefaction of nitrogen gas which boils off during the operation of an NMR magnet.

BNL for Nitrogen Liquefaction

The BNL (Bruker Nitrogen Liquefier) is a stand-alone solution for the re-liquefaction of nitrogen gas which boils off during the operation of an NMR magnet. The BNL is typically used for systems which are not equipped with a CryoProbe. With the BNL, regular nitrogen fills are no longer required.

Automation Solutions

Bruker's SampleCase and SampleJet are automation solutions designed to streamline NMR sample handling and increase workflow efficiency. The SampleCase and the SampleJet automate the handling of numerous NMR samples, providing secure storage and rapid sample exchange. They automate the loading and unloading of NMR tubes into the spectrometer, reducing manual intervention and increasing sample throughput.

HelioSmart Recovery Solution

The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system is a very compact, easy-to-site helium collection unit that has been carefully optimized for the use with NMR spectrometers.

Helium is a scarce non-renewable resource. To protect this resource in a socially responsible way and to make lab operations more sustainable, the Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system collects helium boil-off from NMR magnets and stores the gas in high-pressure cylinders. From there, the gaseous helium can be re-used for other purposes or returned to a gas supplier. NMR users who have access to a helium liquefaction facility can purify and reliquefy the helium and re-use it in an NMR magnet to become more independent, especially during periods of global helium shortage. To keep costs low and to make siting as easy as possible, the Bruker HelioSmart has been dimensioned to collect the steady-state boil-off of several NMR magnets in parallel, excluding helium transfers, resulting in a typical recovery rate of 80 - 85 percent. The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system has been carefully engineered to ensure safe operation with NMR magnets and has been optimized to eliminate spectral artifacts.

The HelioSmart Recovery is currently only available in selected countries.

The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery is a fully integrated helium recovery system with an internal gas bag and a high-pressure compressor. The compressor starts and stops automatically as a function of the fill level of the gas bag. The recovery system is equipped with an electronic control unit with an intuitive user interface.