Magnetic Resonance

NMR & EPR Pharma Solutions

The quantitative nature and unparalleled structural information given by NMR and EPR focused on supporting the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, generics and CRO/CMOs. Our mission is to partner with scientist to shorten time-to-market with confidence, by gaining qualitative and quantitative insights into molecular structure and dynamics.
lead discovery and optimization

Lead Discovery and Optimization

NMR powered solutions with a wealth of structural information at physiological conditions


Designed to monitor reactions, enhance reaction understanding, gain confidence when transferring processes from lab to plant.


Enabling the monitoring of living cells, enhances the understanding of their biological activity, through direct measurement of metabolites concentration variations.


Fastest of the Insight product line and ideal for rapid reaction optimization and reaction monitoring of fast reactions MR.
Biologics HOS


The new BioHOS software offers a tool box of 1D and 2D method to evaluate higher order structure of biotherapeutic drugs.
Solid State NMR Pharma

Solid State NMR Pharma Solutions

Characterizing Polymorphs and Amorphous Form
minispec FormCheck

minispec Form Check

Easy-to-use benchtop NMR system to determine the ratio of either different drug components or various solid forms in a substance.
qNMR Banner


Quantitative NMR (qNMR), direct efficient solution for potency determination. Now also under GxP!

Contactless Check Weighing

Bench-top, at-line minispec TD-NMR instrument for a fast quantitative analysis of in-package products across various application fields.

GxP Readiness Kit

GxP enabling kit with new software tools specially designed for state-of-the-art data integrity and compliance according to 21 CFR, part 11 principles.
Banner Production on Demand

Production on Demand

The companies NovAliX, Alysophil, De Dietrich Process Systems and Bruker have joined forces to bring to market a new approach to active pharmaceutical ingredient production.


NMR for Industrial R&D and QC
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