Process Analytical Technology

PAT Knowledge Management (synTQ)

synTQ, PAT Knowledge Management Platform by Optimal Industrial Technologies allows companies in process industries to improve quality, lower cost and save time. With synTQ, the orchestration of your PAT strategy allows you to collect and analyze the real-time data from all of the instrumentation in your process.
Improve Quality
Enhance quality assurance by lowering the variance in end product quality
Save Time
Measure product quality in real-time to reduce in-process checks and accelerate manufacturing
Lower Cost
Reduce waste, rework and giveaway

synTQ supports PAT strategies in the development and production of manufacturing processes, with standard, modular and universal hardware and software integration. This is achieved via effective real-time univariate and multivariate data recording, management, knowledge generation and multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) from the laboratory and small-scale manufacture, through to full-scale production.

This not only offers plant operators (and automation systems) a platform to control production processes based on quality predictions, but also provides a mechanism for continual improvement. Using the insights provided by the PAT knowledge manager, plant operators and automated systems can modify process conditions to support the delivery of high-quality end materials in a timely fashion.

synTQ is instrument vendor agnostic – it can connect to any device that has a communications interface and a known protocol. The software supports a complete PAT implementation, large or small, connecting instrumentation, MVA packages, automation systems or other third-party systems (such as MES, historian, LIMS) from any vendor. The result of such a flexible approach is that users can take full advantage of the PAT tools that best serve their needs, and it means that new interfaces can be added to systems as they evolve.

PAT, enabled by synTQ, also paves the way to continuous manufacturing, real-time release testing (RTRT) and just-in-time manufacturing. This is made possible by facilitating fully automated, multi-instrument, holistic quality assurance. Without a PAT Knowledge Manager, this process becomes very difficult to manage and most continuous processes impossible to operate. 

synTQ is available in a range of different editions, offering tailored functionality at every stage in the development process. Our solutions address different needs, from small systems for initial investigative projects with single unit operations, through to plant-wide distributed systems running multiple unit operations.

Upgrading between versions is quick and easy, allowing users to invest only in what they need today, with the confidence that they can effectively expand their operations in the future. For more info on synTQ, visit: Technical Features of synTQ - Optimal (


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