Photomask Repair


3rd Generation Haze Removal System

Production Photomask Haze Mitigation and Removal

Rhazer III

The Bruker Rhazer-III® system is specially designed for the wafer fab to provide an in-fab haze removal and management capability. Rhazer technology is clean and dry.

Dry, Laser-Based
through-pellicle process to breakdown crystalline growth
Utilizes indirect thermal decomposition and covers the entire mask area under the pellicle.
of particle size
Decomposition is not dependent on absorption cross section of the defect. Delivering complete removal of seed nucleation sites in the processed areas.
No Degradation
of material
No change to critical dimensions, phase or transmission. No damage to sensitive pattern geometries (SRAFs, optical assist features, etc.).
Routinely Removes
crystalline defects
The Rhazer process typically removes ammonium sulfate, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium oxalate defects.

Photo-Induced Defect Management (Haze Mitigation)

Photo-induced micro-contamination on photomasks (haze) has become an increasingly pervasive and costly problem throughout the semiconductor industry. Recent wet clean and environmental control techniques have helped to slow haze formation during wafer stepper exposures, but show no promise of a haze prevention solution. The Bruker Rhazer-III® system is specially designed for the wafer fab to provide an in-fab haze removal and management capability. Rhazer technology is clean and dry. Processing the mask does not require removal of the pellicle and causes no damage to the mask absorber materials and no changes to phase, transmission or CDs, meaning reticles can be cleaned as often as needed without leaving the control of the fab line.

Key Performance Features

Increased Lithography Line Efficiency:

  • Dry process - no pellicle removal
  • Fast turnaround - full reticle clean
  • Full control - retcles never leave the wafer fab
  • Fewer cleans - no haze formation in storage

Fully Automated Operation:

  • SMIF & Overhead Track compatible; RFID/OCR/Barcode readers
  • SECS/GEM compatible
  • Robotic handling including mask flipper
  • Easy to operate; highly user friendly GUI


Extends Mask Lifetime:

  • No absorber damage
  • No CD, phase or transmission variance
  • No added chemical residues
  • No limit to number of cleans

Wafer Fab Cost Savings:

  • Less wasted scanner downtime waiting for masks
  • Very low cost mask cleans
  • Fewer duplicate masks needed
  • Extended interval between defect inspections
  • Reduced haze-related wafer losses

"Green" Technology:

  • No acids, solvents or de-ionized water
  • No harmful effluents or waste management
  • Low energy consumption (7kW @ 208V AC)
  • Small system footprint (1.24m x 2.31m)



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