LTS Superconductors

Niobium-Titanium (NbTi)

Bruker EAS produces high-grade NbTi wires for applications in medical, scientific, and industrial engineering. We are one of the world’s pioneering superconductor companies and a principal supplier to scientific projects deploying superconductors. Since 1962 we have built up a track record of uncompromising product quality and delivery reliability.


Amount of installations to date
Rugged high-performance products
Up to 3,000A/mm² densities


Today, Bruker NbTi wires are applied at a large scale in clinical magnet resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry (NMR), and high energy physics. Customers worldwide use Bruker LTS materials to push technological limits and rely on our experts to tailor conductors precisely to specific requirements. And we look forward to discussing yours!


NbTi superconductor wires manufactured by Bruker EAS are rugged high-performance products which have proven their qualities for decades in widening spectrum of applications. Economical performance costs, excellent ductility, and favorable processing properties as well as durability and reliability make NbTi the unrivalled workhorse of today’s superconductor industry.

Operated under standard conditions at temperatures of 4.2 Kelvin, they carry current densities of up to 3,000A/mm² and enable magnetic fields up to approx. 9.5T.

The principal NbTi wire market is clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with over 1 million kilometers of wire produced and more than 30.000 systems installed to date. Other major utilizations are in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, particle accelerators for high energy physics, and magnets for fusion reactors.

Bruker EAS offers a broad range of multifilament round and rectangular shaped NbTi wires matched by a choice of insulations like braided or varnish insulation. Both monolithic and wire-in-channel conductors are available. We customize wires to specifications and advise our clients on adapting wire designs to individual applications.

In fact, an average annual wire output of several ten thousand kilometers and plus more than half a century of experience with supplying to leading research facilities, health care, and analytics companies make us one of the world’s most qualified providers of NbTi conductors.

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