3D Optical Profilometer


Self-calibrating, fully automated surface metrology for data storage


The HD9800+ 3D Large Format Surface Profiling System is the world's most advanced optical profiler for in-line data storage slider metrology. The system combines the gauge-capable optical characterization technology with advanced automation to enable optimized PTR and flatness measurement performance. HD9800+ incorporates decades of industrial HD metrology experience using white light interferometry (WLI), self-calibration, LED high-intensity illumination, operator-friendly software, and a host of other features to provide the robust, high-resolution, non-destructive performance that data storage manufacturers need to improve process quality and increase yield.

Delivers high-speed slider CCT and PTR characterization.
tip/tilt head
Enables fast automated metrology with highest repeatability.
Simplifies operator-to-operator use of data storage analyses and reporting.

Benchmark for Precision

The HD9800+ system’s vibration-tolerant design, integrated air isolation, and production-friendly architecture driven by industry road maps maintain measurement integrity during production floor usage. It’s high-resolution camera delivers the ultimate in lateral resolution and accuracy, and a wide range of hardware and analysis software features designed specifically for advanced process control result in the fastest and most gauge-capable system for data storage slider applications.

Best PTR and Flatness Capabilities

3D optical image enables quantitative PTR characterization.

HD9800+ provides the fastest, most accurate 3D measurements for slider pole tip recession (PTR) and slider bearing surface flatness. The system also continuously calibrates to an internal, primary standard, eliminating the need for regular calibration to step heights. This self-calibration ensures long term stability and correlation, and significantly reduces qualification time. The ultimate result is the most accurate industrial metrology performance with the best reliability and serviceability on the market.

Options to Optimize Performance

HD9800+ is available with a host of optional enhancements to tailor performance to your facility’s specific requirements:

  • Dual Accu Phase (DAP) software delivers absolute PTR metrology correlation to baseline AFM benchmarks for variable material sliders
  • Fast Tip/Tilt Mode provides easiest operational capability and best repeatability for 24x7 production runs
  • SureVision software enables etch depth and position measurements without operator intervention via automatic pattern recognition of features of interest
  • Advanced software analyses offers a broad range of additional functionality
  • Light tower highlights operational status to factory floor personnel
  • Bar code scanner delivers streamlined material and workflow handling
Vision64 provides easy access to advanced data storage analyses.

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