Nanomechanical Testing

Automated Probe Changer

Fully automated nanomechanical and nanotribological probe change system

Full automation of the probe change process

Bruker’s Automated Probe Changer (APC) for the Hysitron TI 980 nanomechanical test instrument brings the next level of automation to nanomechanical and nanotribological testing. The APC provides full automation of the probe change process - enabling faster, safer, and more flexible nanomechanical testing than ever before. The APC accommodates up to eight probes, allowing multiple techniques to be utilized with optimized probe geometries without the need for operator intervention. Built-in testing logic automatically performs probe and transducer calibrations and calibration validation at user-definable intervals. The Automated Probe Changer greatly enhances system throughput and ease of use, while maximizing measurement accuracy and reliability.

Maximum Versatility

The Automated Probe Changer provides in-system storage for up to 8 test probes along with fully automated probe exchange, calibration, and test functionality. Specific probe geometries can be defined for specific tests (quasi-static nanoindentation, dynamic nanoindentation, scratch, wear) and automated in series for maximum testing throughput and reliability.

Automated Probe Changer