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Getting Started on a Newly Installed
MRI Instrument

Below, you will find details on application trainings, support contacts, system documentation, and introductory training materials.
User Trainings

On-site Applications Training

In many cases, an on site application user training has been included with the purchase of your system:  please check your contract. Contact your local Sales Representative or Regional Application Support after system installation and acceptance to organize this training.


Selection of tutorial videos for getting started

The following videos are introductions to key software workflows for your system.


Once you have reviewed these materials, you can explore hundreds of more advanced software/hardware/concept videos, application notes, and webinars at the link below.

PCI User Documentation

Within ParaVision

Detailed ParaVision User Manuals (Software, Application, Programming) and Distribution Notes, are directly accessible at your system in the ParaVision Software Toolbar Help dropdown menu.

Regional MRI Application Support

The MRI Applications Support teams can assist you in your study and analysis optimization. This includes guidance on equipment, workflow, scan parameters, and data processing.

  • Europe
  • India
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America

Contacts for Asia/Pacific

Where to go for other support