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Archaeology and Archaeometry

Analyzing Cultural Heritage

Analyzing Cultural Heritage

We learn about our collective histories through the recovery and analysis of objects and artifacts, and based on the context in which they are found. Knowing the composition of artifacts feeds the imagination to enter the world of our ancestors. From the tracing of artifacts to the origins of their raw materials, to mapping technological change through time based on compositional variations in anthropogenic materials, we are gaining more insights into the paths that led us to our present. Portable, mobile, and flexible approaches to analysis, with all of the capabilities of a lab-based analytical suite, can help you take us back in time.


Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Interested in analysis of ancient bronzes? Here's a study that uses Bruker's TRACER 5 to understand the beginnings of bronze metalwork in Malta.

Learn more here:

The Emergence of Copper-Based Metallurgy in the Maltese Archipelago: an archaeometric perspective

Tanasi, D., Tykot, R.H., Hassam, S., Vianello, A. 

STAR: Science & Technology of Archaeological Research, 2019

Bruker's TRACER 5 has been used for non-destructive analysis of stone artifacts and regional volcanic rock sources to establish production and regional exchange networks in the New Britain area of Papua New Guinea.

Learn more here:

Detecting exchange networks in New Britain, Papua New Guinea: geochemical comparisons between axe-adze blades and in situ volcanic rock sources

Penguilley, A., Brand, C., Flexner, J., Specht, J., Torrence, R.

Archaeology in Oceania, 54, 200-213, 2019

Bulk mineralogical compositions of important Terra Sigillata ceramics were determined in this recent study by ALPHA FTIR to shed light on manufacture techniques from three separate and distinguishable production sites.

Learn more here:

Comparing ceramic technologies: The production of Terra Sigillata in Puteoli and in the Bay of Naples
Grifa, C., Germinario, C., De Bonis, A., Langella, A., Mercurio, M., Izzo, F., Smiljanic, D., Guarino, V., Di Mauro, S., Soricelli, G.
Archaeology in Oceania, 54, 200-213, 2019

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ALPHA II with Touch Display and PLATINUM ATR

Espectrómetro FT-IR compacto ALPHA II

Dedicado al análisis químico de rutina rápido con la máxima comodidad y fiabilidad para el usuario. Con un tamaño muy compacto y un excelente rendimiento en control de calidad.


La familia D8 DISCOVER es la plataforma de difractómetros de rayos X multipropósito definitiva que ofrece componentes tecnológicos líderes. Está diseñado para la caracterización estructural de toda la gama de materiales, desde polvos, materiales policristalices hasta películas delgadas epitaxiales de varias capas.
Portable Micro-XRF Spectrometer with Mapping Option


Espectrómetro de fluorescencia de rayos X por dispersión de energía, compacto y portátil, para un análisis de elementos fiable, sin contacto y no destructivo en materiales valiosos.
BRAVO handheld Raman spectrometer

Espectrómetro Raman portátil BRAVO

Dedicado al control de materias primas en industria e identificación de sustancias desconocidas.
High Performance micro-XRF spectrometer with Market-Leading Speed and Flexibility


Micro-XRF de alto rendimiento para punto pequeño (<20 µm spot size) and multi-layer analysis (12 selectable) providing composition and element distribution maps (2D area scans)
XFlash 6/30 EDS detector


Los EDS más avanzados para su SEM, FIB y EPMA


Benchtop 3D X-ray microscope requires minimum lab space, is easy to start running, and offers high system uptime with low cost of ownership.
TRACER 5 portable XRF spectrometer

TRACER 5 Portable XRF Spectrometer

High value handheld XRF performer for the most demanding analyses: synchronizes power, function, precision, and accuracy for a dynamic, field capable, lab-like experience.