ALPHA II Wine Analyzer

ALPHA mit Weinspritze
ALPHA II FT-IR Wine Analyzer

Features of the ALPHA II
FT-IR Wine Analyzer:

  • Simple operation
  • No consumables
  • No sample preparation
  • Low-cost & low maintenance
  • 1 measurement yields 10 wine-parameters
  • Analysis can be automated
  • Extensive calibrations for wines, must & juices
  • Set up your own/new calibration databases

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The ALPHA II wine analyzer is made for the rapid and robust analysis of wine, must or juice. Sample preparation is not necessary, regardless of whether the liquids are clear, turbid or viscous and even if they contain dissolved gas.

About the Analysis:

  • Simultaneously measures parameters like Alcohol, Density, Fructose,
    Glucose, Reduced Sugar, Total Acidity, Acetic Acid, pH Value, Glycerol
  • Can measure ‘must’, ‘must under fermentation’ or ‘finished wine’ or
    even be utilized for biproducts, including fruit juices. 
  • Measurement needs only few minutes from sample to result
    ATR technique reliably delivers high quality spectral data

Our Expertise is your Advantage:

Traditional infrared spectroscopy-based wine analyzers have relied on transmission sampling techniques, where the results were affected by the thickness of the sample cell. FT-IR spectroscopy utilizing ATR is significantly less sensitive to particles and gas bubbles in the sample, providing more reliable and robust results.

Bruker Optics collaborated with leading wineries and wine research centers all over the world to develop the start-up calibrations for the ALPHA II Wine Analyzer, which can easily be adapted to individual needs. The user can optimize existing calibrations, can add new parameters to improve calibrations, or create new calibrations based on entirely new products like ‘must’, ‘must under fermentation’ or ‘finished wine’.

About the Spectrometer:

Based on the compact ALPHA II FT-IR spectrometer, the wine analyzer is prepared for manual and automated by using an autosampler. A dedicated software assistant guides the user through measurement, data evaluation and reporting towards results.

A comprehensive starter calibration for finished wines allows the parallel determination of various analytical parameters like alcohols, different sugars and acid content. A modification and expansion of the starter calibration is as well possible as the setup of user specific calibration data bases.

The ALPHA II Wine Analyzer is a very compact, light-weight system that can easily be transported to different locations. The ALPHA II Wine Analyzer offers a variety of operation modes: manual, semi-automated and fully automated with an autosampler. The instrument is easy to operate, offers low cost of ownership, and the cleaning of the sampling module does not require any solvents or consumables. The ALPHA can also be used in the laboratory to measure a variety of different samples like juices, oils, or even sediments and solids.