Wafer Level Packaging

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is an indispensable part of production control required in manufacturing semiconductor materials. Depending on the material and application, failure analysis can be divided into electrical, chemical, and mechanical tests, to investigate the root cause of a product or material failure.

SEM/TEM-based Solutions

Quantitative EDS in STEM combined with individual sample preparation on the component level (FIB) provides the means to identify and study defects of the internal structure of semiconductor devices.

Application Examples


Allthough Bragg peaks are usually considered as hampering artefacts in micro-XRF, they are seen in spectra and thus can be visualized in XRF maps. Bruker's micro-XRF instruments enable the visualization of the appearance, disappearance or shift of such Bragg peaks with rapid large-area mapping. Revealing changes in the crystalline orientation or structure.