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Light-Sheet Microscopy Technology Details

Configured for Best Imaging

Our microscopes can be subdivided into three classes based on the position and number of the illumination and detection objectives.

Horizontal Multiple-View Set-up

The multiview light-sheet microscope, MuVi SPIM, features the illumination and detection objectives along the horizontal plane of the microscope. The unique 4-axis concept enables two orthogonal views of the specimen without the need for rotation of the sample. Simultaneous acquisition from two detection sides enables unparalleled acquisition speed, correction of shadowing effects and high precision of data fusion.

Altogether, the horizontal multiple-view configuration is optimal for imaging large gel-embedded samples or cleared samples. It facilitates upright or inverted sample mounting and enables tile scan imaging.

Inverted Set-Up

The inverted light-sheet microscopes, InVi SPIM and TruLive3D Imager feature the detection objective below the sample. Single view acquisition reduces image processing demands in the InVi SPIM, while dual sided-illumination and an extended sample chamber enable fast acquisition speed and multi-position imaging. This configuration is ideal for 2D and 3D cell culture applications as well as imaging small embryos at subcellular resolution.

Sample Holder

The V-shaped, 3 cm long sample holder is placed inside of the chamber. It is covered with FEP foil allowing the physical separation of the sample from the chamber, without influencing imaging properties. Its reduced size ensures the use of small sample medium volume.

Different strategies can be used to place your sample in the holder for imaging. 2D cells can be grown directly on the foil as in a “curved coverglass”. 3D spheroids or small embryos can be dropped into the trough and held by gravitation, allowing multiple samples to be arranged for multi-position imaging.

TruLive3D Dishes

The NEW commercially available, ready-to-use TruLive3D Dishes have been designed to further facilitate sample mounting in the InVi SPIM and the TruLive3D Imager. Powered by ibidi, the dishes are easily exchangeable, sterile, customizable, disposable and biocompatible. Grow your samples on the foil or place them into the dish wells. For imaging, simply slide the TruLive3D Dish into the adapter attached to the microscope. The dishes seamlessly integrate into the large chamber of the TruLive3D Imager, which can fit up to three of them.

The TruLive3D Sample Holder can fit up to three TruLive3D Dishes.

The TruLive3D Dish can also be placed in the InVi SPIM Sample holder.

Up-Right Set Up

The upright light-sheet microscope features symmetric illumination and detection objectives on top of the sample for dual view acquisition. This configuration is suitable for samples mounted on slides or SBS plates and facilitates high content imaging of screening applications or widespread samples.

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