Super-resolution Microscopes

Microfluidics Unit

Accessory for sequential labelling in localization microscopy applications


Applications are developing in localization microscopy where the number of targets for imaging far outstrips the number of probes that can be chromatically separated. Sequential labelling with microfluidics allows a much larger number of targets to be addressed.

The Bruker microfluidics accessory is a unit designed to allow sequential labelling to be incorporated into localization microscopy protocols with the Vutara VXL single-molecule localization microscope. The unit is controlled by Vutara's SRX software and allows flexible configuration of fluidics sequences that are run in conjunction with imaging cycles to allow users to label an unlimited number of probes and image them in a sequential fashion.


The probe associated with each sequence has a specific color that is user-defined, and that is used as a color scale for visualization of experiments. During analysis with SRX, individual probes can be analyzed, or analysis can be carried out that compares probes.



The Bruker microfluidics unit can be used with Vutara to address any localization microscopy application where a large number of targets needs to be imaged. Fifteen probe vials are provided, and the system allows probe vials to be interchanged during experiments, thus allowing an unlimited number of targets.

Example localization microscopy applications:

The Bruker microfluidics unit is also compatible with the Opterra confocal for serial labelling confocal applications.



Dimensions 370mm x 300mm x 204mm
Reservoirs 15 2.0 ml Eppendorf tubes for probes
Wash/buffer reservoirs Two 15 ml, one 50 ml, one 100 ml
Flow rates 1 µL/min – 1000 µL/min
Pumping method Air pressure (self-contained pump)
Interchangeability Reservoirs can be changed out while system is in use for an experiment; allows an unlimited number of probes to be used.
Dead volume: Fluidics unit: 85 µL for probe channels, 190 µL for wash/buffer channels
Tubing from fluidics unit to flow chamber 2 µL/cm
Flow cell 150 µL for standard flow cell 



Control of the unit is via SRX software. The software has a flexible interface module (Fluidics Manager) for the set-up of fluidics. An unlimited number of sequences can be set up, each with its own unique steps.

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