AFM Modes

Nanoindenting and Nanoscratching

Hardness and wear testing of nanometer-scale samples
Three different tribofilms subjected to wear with a visible wear scar in the center of each. The AFM images are from a 2um scan area near the center of each scar.

Indentation is a common tool for determining the mechanical properties, such as the hardness or modulus, of a sample. With the help of diamond probes on AFM systems, researchers are able to nanoindent very small volume samples to obtain this valuable data. AFM can also perform nano-scratching and wear testing to investigate film adhesion and durability.

Bruker’s NanoMan and NanoPlot software packages provide the user with flexible, yet extremely accurate, control of the in-plane position and movement of the SPM probe for direct, precise manipulation of nanoscale objects, surface indentations, as well as high-definition Nanolithography.