Atomic Force Microscopes

AutoMET Software

Enhanced nanoscale automation for Dimension systems

Bruker’s AutoMET™ software brings high-volume, precise AFM measurements to demanding production environments. Available for Dimension FastScan and Dimension Icon systems, AutoMET uniquely enables the combination of high-resolution AFM imaging with fast, automated metrology. It provides exceptional ease of use and adaptability for critical-to quality measurements in production, QA/QC, or other high-volume measurement applications.

AutoMET enables:

  • User-defined automated nanoscale measurements at user-defined locations on data storage slider samples and bare and patterned wafers up to 300 millimeters
  • Optical and AFM image pattern recognition, tip-centering, full-wafer or grid-mapping support, and image-placement accuracy within tens of nanometers
  • Comprehensive yet simple recipe writing for advanced users
  • Easy setup to align sample to probe and to perform alignment corrections
  • Run Recipe mode to perform complex measurements on thousands of samples easily using a predefined recipe

AutoMET includes an intuitive and simple recipe-writing environment that makes it extremely easy to reduce complex measurement routines to simple, push-button operations. Operators of all experience levels can obtain detailed, accurate measurements on thousands of samples by running pre-defined recipes.

Figure A features a recipe window showing grid-based layout for user-defined measurement locations on rectangular or square scan areas.Figure B features a recipe window showing wafer-based layout for precise, user-defined X,Y measurement locations.