Chemical Industry

Transforming NMR Analysis
for the Chemical Industry

Chemical manufacturing requires extensive testing: from incoming raw materials
through processing to final product quality control. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
(NMR) provides a valuable, comprehensive tool to identify and quantify multiple
compounds in a chemical mixture with just one measurement. The Bruker Fourier 80 benchtop
Chemical Mixture Profiler simplifies and extends the opportunity for NMR analysis to even the
routine laboratory. Expand your analytical capability for chemical mixture analysis with a database driven end-to-end workflow from measurement to report.

Fourier 80 ChemLab with Mixture Profiling Module

Optimized time-to-result
NMR analysis provides accuracy and operator independence essential for routine chemical analysis in a manufacturing environment. The Fourier 80 benchtop NMR provides the opportunity to fulfill all these requirements at exactly the location where you need it most.
Verify Results
Ensuring comparability within your analytical methods is important. The robust, nondestructive nature and consistency of NMR allows you to measure the same sample on different systems, at different times, yet with the same result.
From Sample to Report
An automated workflow provides identification and quantification of critical compounds in chemical mixtures: from incoming goods, to process control to quality control



Intuitive User Interface:
The Fourier 80 Chem Lab with Mixture Profiling Module is a non-expert NMR solution for routine analysis in manufacturing environments​. It offers the power of NMR with an easy-to-use, fully automated work flow that produces direct, one-step chemical identification and quantification. Users with no NMR knowledge can perform advanced NMR analysis yet with automated data interpretation and reporting. The instrument is operated by the industry-standard TopSpinTM NMR software. The GoScanTM graphical user interface provides a straightforward  push button operator experience.

Unique to Bruker: floor-standing and benchtop NMR with same operating software

Concise Reporting of Results:
Automated report creation provides a simple table with compounds from a mixture accurately identified and quantified. NMR spectral data for compounds matched to database entries are included for additional analysis

Fourier 80 ChemLab with Mixture Profiling Module

Data Base Driven:
The customizable database system is easily expandable to include any new compound of interest. Simply measure the NMR spectrum and export directly to the database. Subsequent measurements will include your new compound in the spectral search algorithm.



  • Chemical mixture analysis in 20 minutes
  • Small footprint with no need for cryogens
  • Automated NMR: from Measurement-to-Report
  • Identify and quantify in one step
  • User customized chemical compound database
  • Full compatibility with Bruker high resolution NMR systems
  • Compare results with other Bruker NMR systems using the Distributed Laboratory Topology (DLT)
  • Optional 120 sample pick-and-place automation
All compounds in the mixture identified
A compound not matching the database

Application Notes

Application Notes

Evaluation of the Thermal Stability of New Polyamide Polymers

Evaluation of the Thermal Stability of New Polyamide Polymers

Within the next 50 years, the availability of crude oil is likely to be insufficient to meet the world’s ever-increasing energy needs.
Crude oil

ESR Analysis of Asphaltene and Vanadium in Crude Oil Can Determine its Quality

Roughly one-third of the world's energy currently comes from crude oil. The quality of oil is determined by its chemical composition, which can affect its processing, performance, and market price. Therefore, qualitative and quantitative oil condition monitoring is essential.


High resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has found application in a huge array of large-scale industries. One such industry is the agrochemistry industry, which produces pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and more for agricultural use.

NMR for Automotive Paint and Tires

Bruker’s innovative solutions have found application in a huge array of industries, including the field of paint and tires. The industry’s most prominent paint companies use Bruker NMR technology in research and development, on product composition, and in quality control.

NMR provides effective discrimination of counterfeit perfumes

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) is a proven tool for the analysis of complex mixtures, identifying all constituent entities in a single analysis. The technique has now been used for the first time to discriminate between genuine and counterfeit perfumes.