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NPFLEX 3D Surface Metrology

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The NPFLEX 3D Metrology System offers the most flexible, non-contact, 3D areal surface characterization for such large samples as orthopedic medical implants and the larger parts in aerospace, automotive and precision machining industries. It provides data density, resolution, and repeatability beyond what is possible with contact instrumentation, making it ideal as both a complementary technology or as a stand-alone metrology solution.

hardware and software
Meet the measurement needs for nearly any sample, shape, or size.
Accommodates the rigors of manufacturing environments.
measurement routines
Speed up production metrology and analysis results.



Unparalled Metrology Flexibility

The NPFLEX universal part fixture kit.

NPFLEX is designed specifically for investigating widely varying sample sizes and shapes without damaging the sample. Insensitive to material type, the system’s WLI technology provides 3D, non-contact measurements of virtually any surface feature. A breakthrough open-gantry design affords more than 300 degrees of access to surfaces previously inaccessible or too difficult to analyze due to size or part orientation. With 13 inches (330 millimeters) of space below the objectives, there is easy accessibility to part areas that simply can’t be reached with other types of profilometers.

Customized Configurations

The NPFLEX system offers many options to customize its operation for specific applications. The Swivel Head option permits repetitive investigation of sidewalls, beveled edges, and angled surfaces. Additionally, there are several stage options available:

  • Rotational stage with optional chuck for holding fixtures
  • Theta rotating stage for sample rotation
  • Phi rotating stage for vertical sample rotation
  • Phi Roller Stage for automated positioning and rotation of smaller, cylindrical samples
  • Automated XY Stage for automated XY positioning
NPFLEX performing measurements with Phi sample rotation configuration.

Automated Processes and Analyses

Results of a 3D-printed part surface-roughness analysis, shown in Vision64 user interface.

NPFLEX is powered by Vision64 software, the industry’s most functional and user-friendly graphical interface. It incorporates the familiar Windows ribbon design and toolbar functionality. Intelligent architecture enables extensive user-defined automation capabilities. Vision64’s Data Analyzer and Analysis Toolbox incorporates industry-specific analysis routines and ISO standards. Based on a typical manufacturing production flow, the interface provides tools to easily customize process workflows and automate mapping.


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