TimsTOF Pro 2300

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timsTOF Pro powered by PASEF gives scientists the tools to dig deeper into the complex biology of the deep proteome over large sample sets. Thanks to the TIMS and PASEF technology, revolutionary improvements in scan speed, sensitivity and robustness could be made and were introduced at HUPO 2018.

The scientific HUPO 2018 posters can now be downloaded.

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Bruker has presented the following posters:

Poster 319: Highly Reproducible and Accurate Label Free Quantification using the PASEF method on a TIMS-QTOF mass spectrometer

Poster 296: Evaluating the tims TOF PRO bottom-up proteomics platform potential for Proteoform Profiling and Top-Down approaches

Poster 251: High Sensitivity Phosphoproteomics using PASEF on a TIMS-QTQF mass spectrometer

Poster 223: Short nanoLC-gradients for high throughput shotgun proteomics using PASEF on a TIMS equipped QTOF

Poster 182: CCSPredict: Using a Machine Learning Approach for higher Confidence in Lipid Identification