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ASMS 2019: Listen, Learn, eXceed, Enjoy

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We were excited to share our latest mass spec insights at ASMS in Atlanta. Thanks to your contribution and many interesting discussions, this year's ASMS was something very special for us.


Latest developments presented at ASMS

#timsTOF fleX- the flexibility to switch between spatial metabolomics, spatial lipidomics or spatial proteomics: Built on the standard for shotgun proteomics, the timsTOF fleX combines best in class 4D X-Omics with Bruker’s cutting edge MALDI Imaging technology, including SmartBeam 3D laser optics for fast measurement all in one platform. Learn more

#SpatialOMx - the key to biomarker discovery:  OMICS based biomarker discovery can be limited without the benefit of spatial information to add important contextual clues as tissue-level communications networks are integral to cancer growth. Learn more

#diaPASEF - Parallel accumulation - serial fragmentation combined with data-independent acquisition: the timsTOF Pro with diaPASEF enables deeper proteome coverage in a single 4D shotgun proteomics experiment, with highly reproducible qualitative and quantitative results. Learn more

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Bruker has presented the following posters:


Poster - CID fragmentation studies of asphaltenes at different precipitation times using Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

Poster - Evaluation of Time Effects on Precipitated Asphaltene Characteristics Using Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) and Laser Desorption Ionization (LDI) Coupled to Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

Poster - TP 199 - Combination of targeted and non-targeted workflows for the identification of pollutants in river water using a passive sampling method

Poster - WP 261 - Application of metabolomics methods on LCGQ-QTOF data to discriminate extra virgin olive oils from different Protected Designations of Origin

Poster - ThP 201 - Comprehensive characterization of eight different olive tree derived matrices using LC-ESIAPCI-QTOF and GC-APCI-QTOF and a non-targeted software workflow


Poster - MP 322 - Simultaneous Profile and Determination of Statin Composition in Various Media and Biological Matrices by Accurate Mass and High Resolution LC-QTOF-MS

Poster - MP 576 - Cell Culture Media Profiling and Unknown Identification by Liquid Chromatography and Accurate Mass High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Poster - MP 668 - Structural study of a PEGylated therapeutic protein by MALDI-ISD and ESI-QTOF

Poster - MP 675 - Streamlining mAb Characterization with a PASEF Based Disulfide Analysis Workflow

Poster - TP 510 - Separation of Asp/soAsp Isobaric Peptides using Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS)

Poster - WP 492 - The Benefit of Peptide CCS Value Prediction and Experimental Determination

Poster - WP 683 - A software platform for peptide synthesis QC by both LC-free MALDI-TOF and LC-ESI-QTOF molecular weight determination

Poster - Thp 601 - A software platform for the quality control of synthetic oligonucleotides


Poster - ThP 220 - In-source supercharging and subcharging for glycopeptide analysis on the timsTOF pro platform

Poster - MP 010 - Fast nanoLC separations for high throughput body fluid analysis with a TIMS equipped QTOF and 4D feature alignment

Poster - TP 514 - Short nanoLC gradients optimize throughput on a tims equipped QTOF with PASEF

Poster - TP 630 - High Sensitivity PTM Characterization in Complex Cell Lysates Using Trapped Ion Mobility

Poster - TP 642 - Analysis of Histones from HEK293T Cells using a QTOF with Trapped Ion Mobility and PASEF Workflows

Poster - TP 717 - Proteome Quality Control Addressing Qualitative and Quantitative Needs for Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry and PASEF

Poster - WP 103- Investigating Phytophthoran methylation using Trapped Ion Mobility

Poster - WP 662 - Identification and Quantitation of Phosphopeptide Positional Isomers using Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry and PASEF

Poster - Comparison of Targeted Proteomics Approaches on a TIMS-Q-TOF

Poster - ThP 089 - Peptide Identification Improvement on a Trapped-Ion-Mobility Quadrupole-Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer (TIMS-QTOF) by Optimized Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) Acquisition

Poster - Ion mobility enhanced matching between LC-MS runs improves identification and quantification in MaxQuant

Poster - Analyzing the neuronal phosphoproteome A systematic comparison of Fusion Lumos and timsTOF Pro data


Poster - MP 337 - Fully automated mass alignment and recalibration of MALDI TOF imaging data from N-linked glycans

Poster - MP 340 - Optimized data analysis pipeline for MALDI MSI based tumor typing from FFPE tissue samples evaluated on six benchmark classification tasks

Poster - MP 348 - Characteristics of MALDI-imaging on a new dual ion source QTOF with TIMS separation

Poster - MP 635 - A study on matrix preparation towards MALDI-Imaging of synthetic polymer samples

Poster - MP 762 - Fast and Sensitive Proteomic Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Using a Trapped Ion Mobility Q-TOF

Poster - TP 375 - Different MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging Applications on a Prototype MALDI-Q-TOF Instrument

Poster - TP 392 - High Speed, High Lateral Resolution Lipid Imaging in a MALDI-Q-TOF

Poster - TP 409 - Automatic molecular annotation of mass spectrometry imaging data

Poster - Predicting Lymph Node Metastasis in Endometrial Cancer by multi-modal mass spectrometry imaging

Poster - Mass Spectrometric In-Depth Proteome Analysis of the Kidneys from Rat Model of Diabetic Nephrphathy

Poster - WP 373 - Reproducibility of MALDI Imaging Based Tissue Classifications –Results of a Multi-Center Study

Poster - ThP 245 - Combining MALDI Imaging and Liquid Surface Extraction for Spatial Metabolomics


Poster - Fast detection of pesticides and drugs removed from waste water by plants using Flow Injection Analysis Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

Poster - WP 427 - Uniting metabolomics data processing and highly confident annotation across six MS instrumental set ups

Poster - WP 558 - High speed untargeted 4D-lipidomics LC-MSMS workflows with Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF)

Poster - WP 618 - Integrating 4D peak picking of LC-TIMS-MSMS data into GNPS feature based molecular networking for 4D Metabolomics and 4D Lipidomics analysis

Poster - ThP 395 - CCSPredict Using a Machine Learning Approach for higher Confidence in Lipid Identification

Poster - ThP 432 - Integrated workflow with quality control for large cohort and clinical metabolomics research using robust hardware and signal correction

Poster - Rapid detection of drugs and metabolites in urine by Flow Injection Analysis coupled to Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)