Scan rates of up to 150 lines/sec and scan range of 100µm: Ideal for long term experiments on e.g. single molecules, living cells and tissues

High-speed imaging at 10 frames/sec: Perfect for dynamic experiments on living cells, highly corrugated or steep surface samples

For manipulation, force and tracking experiments and measurement of the smallest forces e.g. particle/cell interactions

For quantifying cell elasticity and cellular response, and measuring cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions

Find exactly the right accessory for controlling sample conditions and performing an extensive range of AFM experiments

Application Notes

Application of novel developments featuring high-speed AFM imaging, quantitative nanomechanical characterization of samples.

Advanced Characterization of Cell Mechanics: Measuring the rheological and viscoelastic properties of gels, cells and tissues

HybridStage™ - Automated, large sample-area mapping made easy. Ideal for the nanomechanical characterization of tissue samples and thicker multi-cellular layers.

The JPK CryoStage: Nano-mechanical characterization with versatile temperature control from -120°C to 220°

Working with the Biomaterial Workstation BioMAT™: Combining Optical Upright Microscopy and AFM for the investigation of opaque samples

Using the CellHesion® module - a practical guide. Ideal for the investigation of cell adhesion and cell mechanics