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Bruker Free Workshop "Near Infrared to THz Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis"

Sergey Shilov, Ph.D.,
Senior Application Scientist, Bruker Optics


Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

12:00 pm - 2:15 pm


Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Expo Floor - Expo Hall A1, Expo Theater 1



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Identification of unknown chemicals is in high demand in both research and industrial communities. Organic materials exhibit absorption bands in MIR spectral range: 4000-400 cm-1, while inorganic compounds absorb in the FIR: 400-50 cm-1. Novel optical components have been designed and optimized to record spectra from 6500 cm-1 down to 50 cm-1 without needing to change any optical components. This saves an enormous amount of time in acquiring the complete molecular spectral information and eliminates the risk of breaking expensive optics during the exchange. In many cases, the need for conducting Raman analysis can be obviated.


The following applications topics will be discussed in detail:

  • Fast identification of organic and inorganic materials

  • Geological samples and minerals

  • Paint identification for forensics and art conservation

  • Additives in polymers

  • Crystallinity and polymorphism 

  • Combined MIR-FIR/THz spectral library

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