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Bruker at ENC - Experimental NMR Conference

April 28 - May 4, 2018

Orlando, Florida




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Saturday Workshops

Diffusion Experiments: Practical Aspects of Acquisition and Processing: *
Solid-State NMR & Quantitative EPR: More than Amplitudes: *
Relaxation Experiments: Practical Aspects of Acquisition and Processing: *
Quantitative NMR: Gearing Up for High Accuracy Quantitative Results with NMR: *
Good NMR Spectroscopic Practices: Get Better Data: *


Software News: *
Use of high pressure NMR spectroscopy to rapidly identify internal ligand-binding cavities in proteins: *
CryoProbe and Probe News: *
EMXnano: Making EPR Accessible: *
LabScape Services & Lifecycle Support News and Updates: *
Quantification of Polymorphs and Amorphous Form: from DNP to TD-NMR: *
Exploring New NMR Frontiers in Pharma: *



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