FTIR emission spectroscopy

FTIR Emission Spectroscopy

FT-IR emission spectroscopy is a powerful measurement technique for the spectral analysis of light, emitted by samples or devices.
This webinar took place on July 21st 2020

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Free Webinar FT-IR Emission Spectroscopy

In an emission experimental setup, the sample itself acts as light source of the spectrometer and may emit light in various scenarios, e.g.: thermal emission, photoluminescence or the characterization of self-made lasers and other emission devices. Therefore, emission spectroscopy is established in versatile application fields in academia as well as in industrial applied research & development or failure analysis.

Bruker provides innovative instrumental solutions for emission spectroscopy with a broad palette of research spectrometers, dedicated measurement modules and accessories. In a series of customer webinars, we will explain the basic principles and give application examples as well as practical handling hints for emission spectroscopy.

You are warmly invited to our multi-part free-of-charge webinar for “FTIR emission spectroscopy”. The first part will take place on the 21st of July and will be repeated on the 22nd of July. In this part we will explain the basic setup of emission experiments and go into applicative details regarding the measurement of thermal emission at room or elevated temperature and the determination of emissivity.