High resolution microCT in preclinical applications

High resolution microCT in preclinical applications

The use of X rays in preclinical applications is historically linked to imaging bone, where it has become the gold standard. X rays are attenuated more by calcified tissue compared to soft tissue. However, in recent years, the range of applications has greatly increased through the development of preclinical contrast agents. This has made it possible to apply the microCT technology in soft-tissue applications such as lung imaging, cardiovascular applications and oncology. In vivo imaging of mice and rats at high resolution with low X rays dose allows for longitudinal follow up of disease progression. In addition the researchers can monitor drug treatments at multiple time points, giving them a full understanding of the kinetics. As microCT imaging is a non-destructive technology, tissues can also be scanned ex vivo with sub-micron pixel size generating images similar to histological sections, but adding the third dimension. Researchers no longer have to choose which cross-section to select but have access to the full three dimensional volume. This 3D information is crucial when screening tissues for e.g. tumors, or for looking for diseases which are non-uniformly spread within an organ.
This webinar took place on May 12th 2015

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What you will discover

During the presentation we will show the capabilities of the 2D/3D analysis software that allow for density measurements and morphometrical analysis. 3D surface and volume rendering software gives realistic visualization of the scanned object. A combination of 3D visualization of the structure overlaid with 3D visualization of the morphometrical analysis is possible.

  • Introduction to the technology
  • overview of the most common applications: bone research, lung biology, cardiovasculature, oncology
  • in vivo as well as ex vivo applications
  • software overview: analysis and 3D visualization


Kjell Laperre, PhD
Kjell Laperre, PhD
Micro-CT Market Product & Applications Manager in the Bruker Biospin Pre-Clinical Imaging Division
Bsc in Medical science, Msc in Medical science, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) PhD in Experimental Medicine and Endocrinology, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) Application Scientist with Bruker microCT since 2012