Instrumented Indentation

Instrumented Indentation

This webinar presentation includes various types of scratch test methods as well as applications
This webinar took place on June 01st 2013

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Nano-indentation is a contact test, scalable to probe a very small material volume, allowing to measure properties like hardness, elastic modulus, stress-strain behavior, fracture toughness or viscous material properties on the nano-scale.

Due to the size constraints, and to keep the test as simple as possible, Nano-indentation is typically an instrumented test, where the primary experimental ingredient is comprised of force and displacement, continuously monitored quasi-statically, dynamically or superpositions of both during surface penetration.

 As an indirect technique, accuracy relies substantially on the correct choice of the foundation models, which is here a contact model, describing the stress-state during tip-specimen interaction as close as possible.