Advanced Scratch Testing Applications

Tribology 101 - Advanced Scratch Testing Applications with Bruker's UMT

This webinar presentation includes various types of scratch test methods as well as applications
This webinar took place on June 01st 2013

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Learn about the science of scratch testing and the art of interpreting scratch test results.    Widely used as a method to evaluate coatings, scratch tests answer critical questions many manufacturers and researchers ask.

How do I improve the durability and aesthetic of my product?
Will my product coating protect against adverse environments?

Watch the recording webinar with fully-interactive Q&A session and hear how adhesion and scratch resistance play a role in coating performance.

» Discussion of various scratch test methods
» Relevant examples of coatings evaluation and applications
» Recent test results from a variety of surfaces


Suresh Kuiry, Ph.D.
Senior Applications Scientist, Bruker Nano Surfaces