WDXRF for Petrochemical Analysis: More Than a One-Trick Pony

WDXRF for Petrochemical Analysis: More Than a One-Trick Pony

This webinar took place on October 25th 2012

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The analysis of low sulfur concentrations in automotive fuels is crucial for the refinery business today. Environmental regulations are now enforcing lower concentrations of sulfur and the trend toward even lower concentrations in the future is clear. It is essential for every refinery to precisely analyze sulfur at trace levels in the daily routine according to ASTM D 2622 or alternative standards. In this educational webinar, we will explain how our WDXRF instrument, S8 TIGER, can accomplish that.

But modern WDXRF instruments are not only designed for sulfur analysis in diesel, benzene or gasoline. They also serve as ideal instruments for the analysis of other refinery products, such as lubricating oils, waxes, and grease. Analysis of other materials in the refineries such as crude oil, used catalysts, or metals is a very good application for WDXRF as well.

Join Bruker petrochemical analysis experts Arkady Buman, Kai Behrens and Dan Pecard in this one-hour webinar as they discuss today’s requirements, future demands and how WDXRF solves many and varied analytical applications. They will highlight the analytical performance of WDXRF in petrochemical laboratories and explain how WDXRF helps to increase the profitability of refinery operations.