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A new ‘Spin’ on mobility benefits

Employee benefits come in all shapes and sizes, generally conforming to the ‘take it or leave it’ option. Sometimes, however, this one size-fits-all approach fails to truly deliver, as people’s lives are shaped by individual priorities and interests. With this in mind, the Bruker team in Antwerp, Belgium, has designed a new sustainable mobility benefit like no other

Internal Coronavirus Testing — Worker Safety

In a decisive and responsible move to protect its factory employees from the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Bruker Daltonics has implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program at its Bremen facility. Using the Bremen site as a pilot center, the company plans to roll out this key initiative to other Bruker locations across Europe.

Keeping Connected during Lockdown

Many people who have found themselves working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic are having to embrace the daily challenges of remaining connected, communicating remotely and working with new technology.

A Personal Thank You to Anna Harris, One of Our Own

These unprecedented and uncertain times have presented a challenge for many families across the globe for the last few months, and the pressure on frontline staff is clear to everyone.

Promoting Harmony and Confidence through Internal Leadership Training

Strong teams of experts comprising talented individuals armed with complex technical knowledge are valuable assets to any company. Managers, however, need more; they also need people skills if they are to manage effectively. When we at Bruker realized that we could do more to support our managers, we initiated a training program that would enable them to lead others with confidence.

Shaping the Outcome of Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly demonstrated the world’s volatility and the ensuing havoc that can rapidly be caused. All too often, it takes a crisis or an unexpected disruption to the daily routine to highlight weaknesses lying just beneath the surface. A company’s strategy is no different. During such times of uncertainty and ambiguity, those business that can respond quickly and cohesively stand a stronger chance of surviving.

Health and Wellbeing at Bruker BioSpin

Our people are the narrative behind Bruker. Their diversity, creativity and talent enable us to bring innovative technology to science communities across the world to improve quality of life. We want their time at work to have a positive impact on their lives. Supporting our employees' health and wellbeing, therefore, is an important focal point for Bruker and has been the driving force behind a number of internal initiatives.

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program – Learning by Doing

For some people, career choices are clear from an early age. Take Dominik Zehnder, one of the current crop of apprentices at our NMR Center of Excellence in Fällanden, Switzerland, for example. As a young teenager Dominik was building radio-controlled model cars, and a technical vocation was clearly calling.

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program - A View from Within

Choosing a career is rarely a straightforward affair. Young people, who have little experience of the working world are expected to make a momentous decision based on very little knowledge. Unless they have a firm ‘calling’ to a certain profession, how can they really know whether the career they think they want will meet their expectations?

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program - The Karate Kid

An initial meeting with some mechanical engineers at a carees fair in Zurich in 2018 made Nilo Blum decide he wanted to become a design engineer. That set him on a path which will lead him to study mechanical engineering at a Fachhochschule (a university specifically for technical and applied subjects) in three years’ time.

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program - Why Choose Bruker

Back in 2018, Jonas Streckfuss contacted Bruker about the programs available for students finishing secondary school, having known he had always wanted to work within the business. At the age of 18, Jonas joined Bruker’s Industrial Clerk apprenticeship – a three-year program in which he will qualify as a certified industrial clerk.

Being Conscious of Unconscious Bias

On September 10, 2020, members of Bruker's global HR and Legal departments attended a workshop on spotting unconscious bias and recognizing the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Bruker attendees spanned the globe, from the United States, Europe and APAC. The workshop was led by a team of professionals from Bentley University's Center for Women in Business.

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program - Designing for the Future

In Switzerland (as in Germany where Bruker also runs a successful apprenticeship program) the choice to move from school to an apprenticeship rather than progress into full-time study is a popular option. Most professions can be learned in this way - and completing an apprenticeship is an important stage in being considered a 'Meister' or master of your chosen career.

Bruker’s Apprenticeship Program - Fundamental Skills

"...doing everything by hand, no machinery allowed. It teaches you how materials can be worked and how the fundamentals of a design can be translated into a functional, 3-D object."

Ensuring Quality, Sustainability, and Occupational Health and Safety at Bruker BioSpin through ISO Management Systems

Bruker BioSpin’s ability to produce high-quality goods and services depends on a number of factors: our people, our innovation and, our responsible practices all come together to deliver value and exceed the expectations of customers and scientific communities around the world.