MetaboScape Tutorials

Learn more about MetaboScape and watch our tutorial videos

The following videos will help you to get a basic understanding of MetaboScape.
You will learn the fundamentals of the initial data processing and the most important tools for the annotation of lipids or metabolites, for the manual annotation of compounds or for statistical experiments to pinpoint regulated compounds in comparative studies.
The list of videos will constantly be extended, so please return to check for updates.

MetaboScape tutorial part 1: Introduction and general concepts

This is an online tutorial series for MetaboScape, Bruker’s solution for untargeted Metabolomics and Lipidomics.

This first part will cover an introduction and general concepts in MetaboScape.


0:00​ Introduction to MetaboScape
2:25​ Recursive feature extraction
3:50​ Navigation in MetaboScape

MetaboScape tutorial part 2: Data processing

This second part will cover all the steps to process your first dataset in MetaboScape.


0:00​ Introduction
1:24​ Creating a new Bucket table
6:18​ How to set bucket filters
10:51​ Setting the processing parameters
15:26​ Ion Deconvolution parameters
18:53​ Calibration settings


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.