Bruker Introduces ParaVision® 360 Preclinical Imaging Software and AVANCE® NEO Systems with Advanced Multi-Receive Architecture for MRI

Bruker announced the launch of the next version of its preclinical imaging software, ParaVision 360.

PARIS, France – June 18th, 2018 – At the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Conference (, Bruker announced the launch of the next version of its preclinical imaging software, ParaVision 360. It is the most advanced research-grade software for preclinical MRI, and has now also been extended to nuclear molecular imaging. ParaVision 360 enables sequential or simultaneous PET/MR measurements and analysis in one user-friendly environment.

The AVANCE NEO is Bruker’s next-generation, magnetic resonance console with a novel multi-channel architecture. It optionally can be configured for up to 24 transmit and receive channels for MRI. The high-performance AVANCE NEO electronics offers even faster MRI control, improved dynamic range, flexibility and scalability. It is powered by ParaVision 360.

The ParaVision 360 user experience offers convenient workflows with standard operating procedures for MRI, and an integrated PET/MR workflow, from animal positioning to scan sequences, to processing and management. This workflow concept is the cornerstone for data accuracy and reproducibility, leading to consistent quantification to facilitate a global discovery and validation process.

Dr. Wulf-Ingo Jung, President of the Bruker BioSpin Preclinical Imaging division, commented: “ParaVision 360 and the AVANCE NEO are new enabling platforms for seamless, multimodal preclinical imaging. The PET/MR market is dynamic and fast growing, and we take pride in being a leading innovator with our full Field Of View (FOV) PET inserts and in-line systems, even for ultra-high field MRI. These innovations will contribute to a better understanding of pathobiology, and to the development of new treatments for diseases like cancer, cardio-vascular or neuro-degenerative diseases.”

Dr. Tim Wokrina, Bruker’s Preclinical MRI Market Manager, added: “ParaVision 360 with AVANCE NEO set new standards in preclinical imaging. We are excited by the unique dynamic shimming capability for a drastic improvement in sensitivity and specificity of metabolic imaging, and more accurate mapping of the structural and functional connectivity in neuroscience. ParaVision 360 includes the unique IntraGateUTE method, which offers artefact-free images of the beating heart. Cardiology researchers can achieve full heart coverage CINE measurement in less than 15 minutes in a small rodent, at least 8 times faster than with any other preclinical method. This is a milestone in cardiovascular preclinical research.”

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