XRF Solutions

Standardless Solutions

Get the elemental compositions of completely unknown samples within minutes

Bruker offers powerful, intuitive and versatile standardless solutions for their EDXRF and WDXRF system.

The solutions are based on state-of-the-art computational and analytical approaches and allow the user to qualitatively and quantitatively determine the elemental concentrations in their samples.

SMART-QUANT FP – Best standardless analysis with EDXRF

Performance meets Ease-of-Use

SMART-QUANT FP is offered as fully integrated component of the S2 PUMA’s instrument software package SPECTRA.ELEMENTS, delivering reliable elemental compositions for solid, fused, pressed, powdered or liquid material, even with minimal user input.

  • Elemental Range: Sodium to Uranium (Na – U)
  • Concentration range: ppm to 100%
  • Atmospheric Modes: Air, Helium, Vacuum
  • Max. generator voltage: 30 and 50 kV  

SMART-QUANT FP is set up to work in full Fundamental Parameter (FP) mode – this means no calibrations necessary! The software allows a wide range of customizations with regards to sample definition, measurement specifications, analysis scheduling, and result presentation. Nevertheless, SMART-QUANT FP is set up in a “one fits all” standard configuration to let you start measurements immediately without lengthy adjustments. Simply load a sample, enter a sample name and start the measurement. That’s it! After a few minutes the analysis results get displayed. 

SMART-QUANT FP is ideal for quick analytical tasks, measurements of completely unknown samples, as well as small-spot analyses.

User Benefits

  • Push-button solution for quick and reliable analysis of unknown samples
  • Adjustable standardless solutions to fit all applications’ needs
  • Powerful FP machine with optional empirical background for full operator flexibility
  • Intelligent algorithm with peak identification and overlap correction
  • Element ID for fast evaluations
  • Evaluation Plug-In to optimize the algorithm and re-evaluate the measurements
  • Global drift correction

SMART-QUANT WD – Best standardless analysis with WDXRF with S6 JAGUAR

SMART-QUANT WD for S6 JAGUAR is used for standardless measurements and evaluation of unknown samples.The standardless software is seamlessly integrated into the instrument software. It allows fast material identification and overview analysis without calibration work.

The standardless software uses the fundamental parameter (FP) method based on peak fitting for direct correlation of measured spectra and calculated element concentrations. The software can be used in full-FP mode or with an empirical background.
The software is easy to use for the routine user, but also offers many advanced evaluation options for the power user. Element ID, the global drift correction and among many other features make the software fast and user-friendly.

Included with standardless software are predefined methods for the measurement of solids and liquids as well as a stable sample for the drift correction and test of the methods.

QUANT-EXPRESS for fast, reliable and complete analysis of unknown solid and liquid samples

QUANT-EXPRESS with S8 TIGER Series 2 enables the automatic analysis of totally unknown samples without performing a calibration. QUANT‑EXPRESS provides unrivalled analytical flexibility. It can either perform a complete standardless analysis as fast scan in less than 2 minutes or an accurate analysis of samples to measure even trace levels. According to users. requirements, QUANT‑EXPRESS performs scan measurements to provide full performance for interactive evaluation or can be set to peak and background mode for a faster time-to-result.

QUANT-EXPRESS is part of the S8 TIGER's integrated Analytical Intelligence. It automatically performs peak fitting, element and peak identification and accurate determination of net intensities with background and line overlay corrections. The powerful variable alpha matrix correction, unique to SPECTRAplus, automatically corrects for matrix effects as well as for all different kind of samples (thin films, infinitely or non-infinitely thick samples). User input of sample properties, known concentrations of elements and matrix components can be integrated to further improve the analytical results.

QUANT-EXPRESS can be fully utilized for user-specific calibrations, based on the variable alpha model, to allow the determination of elements where no standards are available. It is therefore an integrated part of SPECTRAplus to provide an XRF‑expert system with the best line settings for any application.