ESI Ion Trap


Modern ion trap systems offer solid advantages to the user in a rapidly changing world of mass spectrometry. Easy to use and extremely robust, they deliver the fastest MSn results at all-time sensitivity.

Ion Trap MS

Bruker Daltonics leads the industry in ion trap technology to offer a comprehensive series of ion trap systems meeting a wide range of user needs. Structural confirmation and screening applications in routine labs are also covered through protein identification (ID) and detailed characterization of both small and large molecules.

The amaZon speed series is a true revolution in ion trap technology. This ion trap system is equipped with a dual ion funnel for the highest sensitivity resulting in new analytical levels in mass spectrometry.

Designed to deliver outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity, speed, and dynamic range, our ion trap systems achieve unmatched results even for the most difficult analyses. The amaZon speed ion trap systems can also be equipped with electron transfer dissociation (ETD) technology to facilitate analysis of post translational modifications (PTMs) on proteins or peptides. This potent upgrade makes the ion trap system ideal for PTM analysis work.


Ion Trap MS Applications

The speed of ion trap MS technology lends itself to a wide variety of applications, including proteomics, drug quantification and metabolite identification, and general chemistry – making use of fast library searches and flexible API sources. 


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.