Microbiology & Diagnostics

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

The MICRONAUT broth microdilution (BMD) product portfolio offers a broad range of antibiotic resistance and specialty antimicrobial susceptibility testing

MICRONAUT - A broad range of antibiotic resistance and specialty susceptibility testing

Detection of resistance mechanisms and quantification of microbial resistance by determination of true MICs is performed using the MICRONAUT broth microdilution (BMD) product portfolio.

The MICRONAUT products are based on phenotypic detection of resistance as expressed by microbial growth in the presence of antibiotic compounds. The broth microdilution procedure is a standardized method and a worldwide accepted reference system for determination of the MIC.

Development and manufacturing is done by MERLIN Diagnostika GmbH - a Bruker  company since 2017. The products are used in routine laboratories in the field of human medicine as well as in veterinary medicine.

A variety of MICRONAUT products is available for accurate, complete and true MIC determination of microorganisms as well as detection of important resistance mechanisms of Ambler class A (ESBL, KPC), class B (MBL), class C (AMP-C) and class D (OXA-48-like) cephalosporinases and/or carbapenemases.

Additionally your own customized antibiogram, according to your preferred standard like EUCAST or CLSI, can be composed from more than 200 antibiotics. Make your choice, whether it's breakpoint procedure, MIC testing or a combination of both.

The distribution of special customized products for research facilities and industrial multi center studies remains in the responsibility of MERLIN.