Optical Tweezers Resource Library

Automated Measurements with the JPK RampDesigner Software

Discover our easy-to-use Optical Tweezers software module for creating advanced force patterns on biological samples

Optical Tweezers; NanoTracker; AFM; RampDesigner Software; Force Measurements; Force Ramp; Force Clamp; Nanomanipulation; Life Science; DNA

Interdisciplinary researchers from various fields have argued that only the combination of biological, biochemical, and biophysical approaches can deliver the broadest insight into the fundamental processes driving biological systems. As a consequence, an increasing number of research groups are including mechanical aspects, material properties, and the influence of forces in their studies on bio-molecular reactions.

With the latest version of the RampDesigner software module for the NanoTracker Bruker provides an extensive toolbox for performing complex force applications and measurements in biological samples. The mechanical behavior of single molecules, viscoelastic materials and whole cells can be investigated with extremely flexible force patterns. The required effort to set up and modify an experimental sequence is reduced to a minimum, leaving more time for the actual acquisition and analysis of data.

Readers can expect to learn about:

  • How to generate multi-step schemes of force applications to biological samples easily and quickly;
  • Application examples showcasing the outstanding flexibility in creating force curves of highest complexity; and
  • The benefits of this powerful software module for investigating mechanical properties and behavior of single molecules and cells.