NMR & EPR Pharma Solutions

Quantitative NMR Assays (qNMR)

Quantitative NMR, direct efficient solution for assays
and potency  determination with GxP compatibility



Potency determination, absolute compound purity assessment, identity testing, residual solvent, moisture analysis, relative response factor calculation... Have you thought about using quantitative NMR as a one-stop solution?

qNMR has been shown to be a single point replacement for routine development testing which previously involved several experiments and techniques1 and a superior method for determining the purity of the reference standards2 used for analysis with assured metrological traceability3. It is thus a true universal and primary method, with application scope ranging from discovery to final quality control testing (link to Benchtop QC page).

While qNMR workflows used to rely on expert knowledge and/or well-trained analysts and detailed protocol, Bruker Mestrelab Mdrive qNMR Solution streamline this process with an fully automatic workflow from experiment submission to report. It constitutes an ideal solution for both experts and non-experts working with qNMR in a pharmaceutical development environment. And with a full GMP/GLP support, it is perfectly tailored to design analytical procedure for QC testing in full automation for both high field and benchtop NMR solution.


Key Features

  • Web-based sample and analysis management.
  • Automated data analysis, including calculation and using user-customizable integration workflows
  • Wide range of integration methods, including Global Spectra Deconvolution (GSD) and quantitative GSD (qGSD).
  • Results are delivered in electronic format and as PDFs, with customizable templates.
  • Rapid qNMR method development based on optimized default, but configurable, parameter sets for acquisition, processing and analysis.
  • Based on Bruker and Mestrelab proven algorithms for NMR quantification.
  • Certified reference standard available for easy system qualification and monitoring

qNMR under GxP

Build on Bruker’s GxP Readiness Kit, our qNMR solutions provide full traceability from initial question to result, together with detailed control over users and their rights. It can be operated by a variety of users, experts, and non-experts allowing both development and QC applications on the same system while ensuring compliance. Web based experiment submission guaranties logging and submission and a database structure enables data integrity.


  • Primary: no need for specific reference material. Commercially available reference standards are used.
  • Accurate: NMR is inherently quantitative and thus bias-free. Sources of errors are limited and easily identified.
  • Faster: NMR is absolute and universal. There is no need to calculate response factors or constitute tedious calibration curves.
  • All-in-one: potency and structure confirmation in one single experiment. Organic and inorganic materials are taken into account. No need to use additional techniques.
  • Robustness: combination of NMR intrinsic robustness and an automated workflow from acquisition to analysis decreases error and variability.
  • Intuitive and flexible: straightforward manual interaction when desired.



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