Automatic Positioning System

System for Animal Beds and Coils

The motor driven automatic positioning system AutoPac™ simplifies animal handling and enables high animal throughput in preclinical routine applications. A variety of animal beds tailored for different animal species, applications and RF coils are available. AutoPac™ features anesthesia and fixation devices including body temperature stabilization.


  • Motor driven positioning system
  • Laser positioning for accurate definition of the region of interest
  • Animal beds with mounting points for head resonators and various surface coils
  • Control panel with display for very precise positioning
  • Simple handling to increase animal throughput
  • Attached RF shielding box replaces the Faraday cage
  • Multi-functional filter plate and tube management system prevents cable and tube squeezing
  • Emergency stop


The AutoPac™ is available for the BioSpec and PharmaScan product lines.


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

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