Ellipsometers and Reflectometers

Multi-Angle Reflectometry

Our most advanced solutions for meeting the most complex measurement requirements

Meet the Most Challenging Film Measurement Requirements

Our multiple-angle reflectometry technique is far more sensitive to refractive index in films than either standard spectroscopic ellipsometry or reflectometry. Combining multi-angle reflectometry with spectroscopic ellipsometry enables fast, simultaneous, automated measurement of film thickness and optical constants (particularly refractive index) with better performance and on more challenging samples than either technique is capable of alone. This is exceptionally useful for measuring ultra-thin films, multilayer film stacks, and materials with very high refractive index resolution requirements, including those used in forming complex device structures and integrated circuit manufacturing.


As its name implies, multi-angle reflectometry enables simultaneous collection of reflection data from multiple angles to overcome the limits of single-angle reflectometry (e.g., noise, incoherence, etc.). In doing so, FilmTek multi-angle reflectometry systems deliver best-in-class refractive index resolution, achieving 100x the refractive index resolution of comparable non-contact methods and 10x that of the best prism coupler contact systems.


FilmTek’s unique and proprietary multi-angle reflectometry/ellipsometry systems deliver best-in-class film thickness and index accuracy and repeatability, enabling users to push the limits of both techniques to resolve the index and thickness of ultra-thin to thick films and unambiguously characterize entire multilayer stacks. FilmTek systems are a preferred solution for many leading-edge applications, including the development and production of optoelectronics, phase sensitive devices and phase change materials, specialty devices, and silicon photonics, and for front-end silicon and server manufacturing.

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