MRMS Operator Onsite Training Course (C4EG13)


This course is the basic training course for operation of the MRMS instrument. In addition to basic instrument handling, please book a suitable application course (C4EI12, C4EL12, C4EP12, C4EB12) for a full five-day training. The course will be held at the customer’s site using the installed instrumentation. This ensures that all applications trained during the course will for sure be applicable on the local installation.

Prerequisites depend on the actual training course content and should be discussed with the responsible application specialist from Bruker in advance of the training. 

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Please note: Currently, we offer our online trainings exclusively using MS Teams.

As these training courses are specifically tailored according to our customer’s requirements, a general course outline cannot be provided. This depends on instrument, topics to be covered as well as duration of the course and will be discussed with the Bruker application specialist in advance of the training course. Check for language availability.