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Latest Advances in BioAFM: From Nanomechanical Studies to High-Speed Dynamics

View real-time demonstrations of advanced biological sample imaging, including characterization of quantified mechanical properties and high-speed measurement processes.

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Real-time laboratory demonstrations of

  • Basic imaging of tissue, cell, molecular samples
  • Characterization of quantified mechanical properties of samples, including hydrogels
  • High-speed measurement techniques for molecular samples

As well as expert-led discussions of industry-leading multifrequency AFM research and the latest advances in Bruker BioAFM technology.


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Explore Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy Applications in the Biosciences

During this workshop, Laurene Tetard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nanoscience Technology Center, UCF joins us for a special guest lecture, during which she shares her latest research and introduces viewers to the general concept of multifrequency AFM operation for multi-functional imaging and spectroscopy of biological samples.

Samrat Dutta, Ph.D., Sales Application Scientist, Bruker then shares the latest advances in Bruker’s BioAFM technology, focusing on the advanced capabilities supporting innovative nanomechanical studies utilizing Bruker’s NanoWizard AFM platform and dynamic studies using Bruker’s NanoRacer AFM.

Senli Guo, Ph.D., Sales Application Scientist, Bruker then joins to demonstrate these systems.


This workshop was recorded on: April 14, 2021

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Session Abstracts

Featured Guest Expert Lecture
An Overview of Advanced Investigation of the Behavior of Biological Systems with Multi-Functional Atomic Force Microscopy

Speaker: Laurene Tetard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, NanoScience Technology
Center & Department of Physics, University of Central Florida

The emergence of tools at the forefront of advanced atomic force microscopy (AFM) holds great potential to bolster our fundamental understanding of heterogeneous and dynamic systems at the nanoscale, of prime interest for life sciences. Developments using multi-frequency AFM provide more sensitive detection and a wider frequency span to explore the morphology, mechanical and chemical properties of the sample volume.

In this talk, we will introduce the general concept of multifrequency AFM operation for multi-functional imaging and spectroscopy. We will first discuss how the nonlinear nature of the tip-sample interaction in AFM can be used to synthesize new imaging modes that form the basis of our approach. We will consider the effect of the volume probed on the signals captured on selected model systems. Based on these results, we will present a few selected life science-related applications that have benefited from these advances. Next, we will discuss the implementation of multi-frequency AFM for chemical nanoscale imaging and nanoscale infrared spectroscopy. Finally, we will highlight the importance of multiscale and statistical tools to establish relationships between the observations made at the nanoscale and the variations associated with natural variations such as those observed in biological systems.

Bruker BioAFM Technology Presentation
Latest Advances in BioAFM: From Nanomechanical Studies to High-Speed Dynamics

Speaker: Samrat Dutta, Ph.D., Sales Applications Scientist, Bruker

The ability of atomic force microscopy (AFM) to obtain topography images with nanometer scale resolution even in physiological conditions remains unmatched by other imaging techniques. The latest Bruker AFMs offer a wide range of applications: from advances that allow quantified mechanical measurements of samples, to fast scanning to study sample dynamics. We will present how the latest advances in Bruker AFM technology is being applied to study a wide range of samples to address diverse questions in life science research