Easy and Reliable FT-IR Instrument for Your Analytical Labs.

INVENIO for Analytical Centers

Are you working in an analytical lab and looking for an easy and reliable FT-IR instrument for your daily work? How can you save costs in the long term, higher efficiency and reduce workload? Bruker understands you need and provides instruments with unique features that help you stand out from the crowd.

FT-IR technique is an indispensable analytical tool in most chemical labs, analytical centers and quality control departments. FT-IR spectroscopy is an ease to use and non-destructive analytical method for verification, identification or quantification. To face the daily challenges arising from high sample amount, unknown materials and multiple (maybe unexperienced) users, you need a highly flexible FT-IR spectrometer with user-friendly automation and outstanding performance.

Bruker cares about your need and presents you the INVENIO spectrometer platform to make your daily work easy and convenient. In the free-of-charge webinar we will focus on the difficulties in analytical labs and explain which features of INVENIO can help in such situations.