Vibrational Spectroscopy Software OPUS

OPUS Packages: Process & Reactions

OPUS Package

CMET Process Software

Especially in process environments, a stable and reliable software solution is mandatory. Bruker developed the CMET process software as an independent platform, using the OPUS software for spectrometer communication and evaluation tasks. Embedded watchdog functionality restarts the software in case of an incident without operator interference.

CMET consists of a setup interface and a runtime environment. The setup interface with its modular and flexible interface incorporates all necessary functionalities to setup a scenario for any kind of batch and continuous applications. This includes the spectrometer setup, product setup, defining the input-output communication protocols as well as the scenario setup.

Inside the scenario setup everything is combined and the user can assign a specific spectrometer, with a specific measurement channel to a specific product. If necessary, external triggers can be defined, allowing the implementation of targeted measurement strategies.

After the configuration is complete, the runtime software is executed. This software provides a complete overview of the running scenarios including the current task as well as trend charts regarding all specified products. The visualization of the trend charts is implemented inside a browser application, where all current results can be displayed and analyzed.

CMET offers the most common industry standard interfaces which allow it to be integrated in any process control environment, using a wide range of standard communication protocols, including:

    4-20 mA   
    Profibus DP   

OPUS Package

Reaction Monitoring

In industrial environments, e.g. in pilot plants, the time dependent measurement, visualization and evaluation of chemical reactions can be of high importance. For this purpose Bruker offers a dedicated software package for reaction monitoring providing appropriate functionality.


  • Setup of continuous Measurements for monitoring and analysis of chemical reactions.
  • 2D and 3D Spectra Plots in real time with intuitive and smart visualization options.
  • Spectra Evaluation using multivariate methods in real time
  • Interactive Setup of Integration Methods in advance and during reaction monitoring
  • PCA (Principal Component Analysis) for easy trending and data analysis

Combination of classical and multivariate data analysis tools in one software package including different options for data pretreatment.

Event Viewer including spectral Information, data extraction options and editable remarks for the reaction protocol.

Different Modes for End Point Determination (manual or automatic), including options to monitor post reaction sequences.

Automatic End Point Detection based on either PCA or integration results