EPR Instruments

EPR Resonators

Dedicated Technology for a Wide Range of Applications


Multi-Frequency Resonators for CW & FT EPR

Dual Mode EPR Resonator

Specifically designed for anisotropic studies of triplets, biradicals, and of transition metal and rare earth ions.

Cylindrical EPR Resonator

Developed particularly for studies with aqueous samples, tissue or samples exhibiting a high dielectric constant.

Standard EPR Resonator

The ER 4102ST is a universal cavity with good performance for every class of samples.

Double EPR Resonator

Determination of spin concentration and g-factor values against a reference sample

Optical Transmission EPR Resonator

Designed for convenient optical access from the front and the rear side

Mixing Cell EPR Resonator

Specifically designed for reactions of biological or biochemical substances in solution where only small amounts of samples are available

Dielectric RT EPR Resonator

ER 4123D CW-Resonator

CW-ENDOR EPR Resonator

The X-Band CW-ENDOR Cavity

X-band Pulse-ENDOR EPR Resonator

Designed to Provide Constant Sensitivity over a Large Frequency Range

High Temperature EPR Resonator

The ER 4114HT completes the temperature range for EPR at the high end. It covers the temperature range from 400 K to 1200 K.

In Vivo EPR Resonator

The resonator of choice when Studying Lossy Samples

Q-Band CW EPR Resonator

Enables Operation at Variable Sample Temperatures from 4 K to 300 K and Features an Optical Window

Q-Band Pulse EPR Resonator

Pulse EPR and ENDOR Resonator at Q-Band