EPR Resonators

X-band Pulse-ENDOR EPR Resonator


Designed to Provide Constant Sensitivity over a Large Frequency Range

The pulsed ENDOR resonator EN 4118X-MD4 of the Flexline series has been designed to provide constant sensitivity over a large frequency range with the E 560D-P DICE pulsed ENDOR accessory. Optimization of the ENDOR signal is thereby greatly simplified and automated multiple dimension experiments become feasible.

 The resonator provides easy sample exchange, at any temperature, a maximum sample diameter of 4 mm, and comes with an optional optical window. The broadband characteristic of the probehead is demonstrated by pulsed ENDOR spectra of 1H, 2H and 13C nuclear spin.

The EN 4118X-MD4 resonator is of course compatible to our variable temperature units (ER 4118 CF and ER 4118CV).  This allows variable temperature operation from 3.8 K to 300 K to study the temperature dependence of the Pulsed ENDOR spectra.


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