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Solid Fat Content Determination

Minispec mq series SFC Analyzer (field-upgradeable)


minispec mq-series

Bruker is the No. 1 source of Benchtop NMR Analyzers for Solid Fat Content (SFC). While the mq-one SFC Analyzer provides the best possible price- and footprint-to-performance ratio, the mq series offers a field-upgradeable SFC Analyzer. Field-upgradeable refers to as upgrade to important QC applications like the total fat determination as well as the droplet-size determination of dairy products like mayonnaise and margarine.

Bruker minispec systems are calibrated with uniform methods to guarantee trustable results that can be compared with other factories around the world.

The NMR method is the only officially approved method for SFC determination. It is superior to the tedious and time-consuming method of dilatometry, which is used to derive the Solid Fat Index (SFI) values. Further, the SFC determination by NMR is by far more accurate over NIR (near-infrared) applications and thus the choice for the QC lab:

  • the minispec NMR method is very accurate and reproducible
  • Easy to calibrate using the three Bruker SFC standards
  • Analyses take less time to complete than SFI determinations
  • NMR yields an SFC value from a single measurement when the Direct Method is employed
  • the SFC procedure does not overly depend on operator technique and judgment
  • Automation possible (see below)
  • Approved AOCS and ISO methods

Minispec mq-one SFC Analyzer

minispec mq-one

Combines Bruker's experience for over 40 years in delivering SFC analyzers to the edible oil industry with state-of-the-art technology.

SFC Standards with Bruker certificate

These standards provide the basis for reliable and traceable operation for every direct SFC method. The minispec systems conduct a daily check to guarantee optimal performance for the Solid Fat Content determination.

SFC and beyond

The Solid Fat Content determination is described in well-recognized International Standard Methods:

  • AOCS Cd 16b-93
  • ISO 8292     
  • IUPAC 2.150

The mq-one SFC Analyzer provides the best possible solution for these official methods. For a combination of SFC analysis with further applications like Total Fat Content or determination of droplet size distributions mq series products are offered.

Solid Fat Content (SFC) Analysis with the minispec


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