CS/OHN-Analysis (CS/ONH) Webinar

The G4 ICARUS Series 2 Launch

A new era of sulfur detection capabilities combined with clean, fast and efficient combustion.

In this we explain how cutting-edge UV-absorption photometry and Bruker’s unique ZoneProtect, redefine combustion analysis to benefit in your daily work:

New HighSenseTM technology: LED-powered non-dispersive UV-absorption photometry and its benefits in elemental analysis by combustion!

The principle of ZoneProtectTM, ensuring a clean, efficient combustion with minimum maintenance and low cost of operation!

The analytical performance for industrial and research applications in cast iron, metals, mining, minerals and additive manufacturing!

Learn how this new unique combustion analyzer G4 ICARUS Series 2 operates and how it helps solving your analytical questions faster, more efficient, more precise and robust. Learn more about carbon and sulfur by combustion and how it compares to other techniques for elemental analysis.