MRI Training Courses


Due to the COVID-19 situation we are currently not able to offer our training courses as in house courses. For this reason an online version of the Advanced Imaging Course will take place in March 2021. Scheduling for a virtual ParaVision Programming Course it TBD. If you want to register, please read the following conditions carefully:

  • During the training week, you need access to an MRI system equipped with ParaVision 360 in order to be able to perform exercises yourself.
  • If you register, you can invite 2 more colleagues from your institution at no additional costs (please give the names in your registration).
  • Only for ParaVision Programming Course: The course will take place during normal office hours.
  • Only for Advanced Imaging Course: The course is split into 10 sessions distributed over two weeks, 5 per week. During this you will need access to an MRI system to perform exercises yourself: We estimate 2 hours of independent scanning time needed per module to be completed on your own schedule.

Further information and registration material can be requested from:

Mrs. Michaela Detscher,
MRI Course Coordinator
Email: Michaela Detscher
Tel.: +49 (0)721 5161-6533
Fax: +49 (0)721 5161-6539

Course Date apply before Location Status
Advanced Imaging March 15 - 26, 2021 February 22 online open
ParaVision Programming TBD   online TBD